Blog Post Creation (ghostwriting)


You know you should be blogging. You know it’s good for business. You know it would give you an opportunity to connect with your audience. BUT… you’re still not doing it.

I’d love to write content for your blog! In fact, I already do it for many of my clients. One of my favourite things to hear from these clients is, “It sounds just like me, only better!”

And that’s the whole point. I write in your voice, with your brand’s personality, only I do it with a little more finesse and ease. Simple.

This package is for you if you have a range of blog topics ready to go, you just need someone to ‘fill in the blanks’ and put the words together (there might be a little research involved as well).

You’ll receive a fully edited and proofread blog post between 400 to 700 words long which has been optimised to a keyword of your choice.

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