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social media isn't new

I’m in the middle of giving a three class course in social media marketing for small business. We’re one class down, two to go. The first workshop in the series really delved back into the history of social media. Looking back at phone phreaking, Bulletin Board Systems, Napstar and SixDegrees (I implore you to Google all of these!) what really struck me was the way we humans were making technology work for us in a way that resonated with our fundamental nature.

I think that the evolution to the social networking of today was inevitable. What we now use social media to do are things we have always done: engaged, connected and recommended. These are things we did (and do!) in person, through the post and via telephone. All of them are well embedded human behaviours. So as technology advanced it naturally aligned to our existing behaviours. [click to continue…]

soul sister circle

Photo: Klee Photography

As promised, this week I have a Bec from Soul Sister Circle back on the blog – this time to talk about making the most out of networking events. Bec’s own events are like nothing else I have been to. They are gorgeously styled, full of warmth and they don’t have any of that awful awkwardness you sometimes get in a room full of strangers. Here are Bec’s tips and tricks for making the most out of your next networking event!  [click to continue…]

Soul Sister Circle

Networking. The very word may strike fear into your heart! Fear-not, the beautiful Bec Van Leeuwen of Soul Sister Circle has turned the notion of ‘networking’ on its head by organising special, soulful and super-fun events for women entrepreneurs (if you’re in South East Queensland, Australia, you may have been lucky enough to attend one of them!).

As a holistic life coach, Bec has taken a very interesting journey developing the Soul Sister Circle brand including calling on numerology, leaning into vulnerability and trusting in the Law of Attraction. Amazingly, Bec managed to build a strong and grounded brand for Soul Sister Circle without a website for months – that takes guts and authenticity! Want more?  [click to continue…]

what to wear client meeting

While what you wear to a client meeting is very much an individual choice, I think sometimes we either get stuck in a rut or need a little bit more guidance on what we could wear. Personally, I think we can get away with whatever we’re confident in!

I’ve come from working in corporate, where the comms team I was in was most definitely on the edges of corporate dressing standards – we were known for it. I guess it was inevitable as a creative team within the very white collar world of mining! Now as a self-employed consultant I’ve probably pushed the boundaries a bit further – think purple/blue/pink hair, double nostril piercings, faux-leather leggings and t-shirts. For the most part I sit behind a screen but on occasion I meet up with clients in person. Never has anyone been anything less than complimentary about my fashion choices, but I guess some people may not be digging my look – that’s fine, I probably don’t want to work with them anyway.

So what am I saying? Make sure you do you! Take what you like from my ideas, mix it up, put your own spin on it, make it your own. Onto the fashion > > [click to continue…]


Exploring Queenstown

queenstown recommendations

Something a little different for this week’s blog post: A little round up of my trip to Queenstown a few weeks ago.

Flying into Queenstown was actually breathtaking. As in my breath hitched in my throat. Snow-capped mountains! Ridiculously blue water! Clouds hovering over sky scraping peaks! SNOW, YOU GUYS!

Touching down I couldn’t keep the ridiculous grin off my face – even when hit by the cold air on the tarmac.

OH YES. This is what I needed, my first proper holiday in years.

On my itinerary: eating, drinking, being with my girls, snowboarding and exploring the beautiful surrounds of Queenstown… [click to continue…]

interview with bed weller vegan sparkles

Take one look at any of Bex’s photos and you’ll see why Vegan Sparkles makes all the sense in the world – the woman radiates health, laughter and joy! After inviting Bex into my inbox each week by signing up for her newsletter, I was quickly taken in by her passion and her knowledge. As a sucker for good branding, her clear and beautifully executed brand also made me take notice. Bex has been kind enough to share some her branding story with us today, over to her: [click to continue…]

helen jacobs the little sage

I first came across Helen and The Little Sage on social media – I was seeing photos of her stunning oracle cards all over (well at least it felt that way). After purchasing a deck for my boyfriend’s mum (she adores them) I delved into The Little Sage website and found out a lot more about founder, Helen Jacobs, who approaches life intuitively. I was particularly interested in how Helen approached her business and her branding from this intuitive stand point. I’m absolutely stoked to bring you the answers to my wondered questions today:

[click to continue…]


Links I Love

links I love small business

I haven’t done one of these types of posts in a while, but after pulling together the links below I remembered why I started doing them in the first place: the interwebs is such a cool place you guys!

Enjoy a spattering a random links to posts I’ve loved over the last few weeks or so – they aren’t necessarily business-related, but I think that just makes it way more fun!

[click to continue…]

event head jade mckenzie

Jade is one of the most generous, giving business women I have ever ‘met’ (Skype counts guys!). Her passion for events and fervour for business really shine through whether you are speaking to her in person or connecting via social media – she is a force to be reckoned with! I was lucky enough to help Jade out with getting her blog into line earlier this year and fell head over heels with the Event Head brand. Jade was kind enough to share with us some insight into her branding:

[click to continue…]

things i didn't learn at university

This is a post I originally published on my old blog (Imperfect Delights) some time ago. I was going through the archives over there recently, and this particular entry still stuck out to me. I still get a bit fired up when I think back to my time at university, I think there were so many lost opportunities – both on the university’s behalf and on my own. The following covers something I wish I had of learnt at university (before ‘real life’ started!). [click to continue…]

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