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It’s hard to believe that this time last year I was finishing up my corporate job in the city. Excitement was brewing, but I couldn’t quite believe that I wasn’t coming back in the new year. It sort of just felt like I was going on the normal Christmas holiday break. It was only in January when my man, my friends and my (ex) colleagues started returning to their offices and jobs that it really started to sink in. I wasn’t getting back on the train. I didn’t have anywhere I HAD to be. There was no monthly paycheck waiting for me! SHIT. That’s scary stuff. It’s the stuff that pushes your buttons and hikes up the adrenaline levels. [click to continue…]

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Holiday Wish List

holiday gift list

I’ve been off the blog for a bit – a super busy client schedule will do that to a girl. I’m sitting here listening to a Christmas song playlist on Spotify and feeling thankful for the air conditioning in the office I’m working from today, it’s humid, sweaty hot outside. It’s definitely holiday season in Aus! So, I’m detouring from my normal blog topics and bringing you a holiday wish list. And it’s not my own wish list, I’m lucky enough to already have all of these things (or a at least a variation of them). But that means I know just how great they all are! That’s why I’m recommending them to you.

Some of my ideas have a business-slant, some are designed for self-developement (since when didn’t that help in business though!?) and some are just pretty rad and make me smile.


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authentic and soulful branding vary longmuir

What first attracted me to Buttercup Ink was the clean, consistent and on-point graphic design throughout Vari’s website and on social media. Fitting, as Vari is a designer herself!

What kept me coming back though, that was all Vari.

She isn’t afraid of getting personal (blog titles such as ‘The Perfect Sneaker’ and  ‘How to grow out short hair – 3 month stage’ aren’t rare) in amongst her super practical and insightful business content.

Vari is such a great example of someone who has created and shaped a personal brand. And I’m telling you, personal branding is the future (just think about Marie Forleo, Danielle LaPorte, Kim Kardashian or Kris Carr).

Read on for insights from Vari.  [click to continue…]

How to write about page

Even as a writer I really struggle when it comes to writing about myself, especially when I had to write my website’s about page.

But I know how powerful an about page is. It’s where we tell our story. Where we connect on an emotional level with prospective clients or customers. It’s where we can set our business apart from the rest.

As a copywriter I write about pages for my clients fairly regularly. But I wonder, for those who don’t have the cash to splash, where are they finding support in writing their own about page?

So I decided to put together a guide and workbook on writing your own about page. I wanted to make it a pain-free process, where before you know it, you’ve got an about page you adore (and one that is going to engage your clients or customers!).

So after much work, I present to you Write Your About Page with Punch and Poignancy – part how-to guide, part workbook. And it’s only $9.99 (+10% GST for Australian residents).

It’s a bit of a steal considering hiring a professional copywriter to write your about page could set you back hundreds!


Want to know more? Check out all the info over here.

before you post a Facebook ad

So you’ve heard that Facebook advertising it where it’s at. It seems like everyone is using it to get their brand out there. You’ve got some money set aside for an ad campaign and you’re ready to post your ad.

Awesome! Glad you’re on board. But, I want you to pause a moment and think about why you’re posting this ad. I want you to take some time and really put some thought into what your desired outcome is. [click to continue…]

how to schedule a Facebook post

Streamlining your social media processes is a great way to take the pain out of the whole thing. What if you could schedule in a whole week or a whole month’s worth of Facebook posts? Well you can, and here is how you do it:

1. Write your post. You can add in a video, links, all the usual stuff. Write as per normal. [click to continue…]

quit twitter social media

Now, I’ve got nothing against Twitter – in fact I use it daily – but I do have something against being a part of a social media network ‘just because’.

Just because so-and-so told you to be. Just because you heard it was all the rage. Just because someone told you if you weren’t your business would fail.

Just because is evil.

Just because is pointless.

Just because someone told you to join Twitter doesn’t mean it is going to work for you or your business.

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social media isn't new

I’m in the middle of giving a three class course in social media marketing for small business. We’re one class down, two to go. The first workshop in the series really delved back into the history of social media. Looking back at phone phreaking, Bulletin Board Systems, Napstar and SixDegrees (I implore you to Google all of these!) what really struck me was the way we humans were making technology work for us in a way that resonated with our fundamental nature.

I think that the evolution to the social networking of today was inevitable. What we now use social media to do are things we have always done: engaged, connected and recommended. These are things we did (and do!) in person, through the post and via telephone. All of them are well embedded human behaviours. So as technology advanced it naturally aligned to our existing behaviours. [click to continue…]

soul sister circle

Photo: Klee Photography

As promised, this week I have a Bec from Soul Sister Circle back on the blog – this time to talk about making the most out of networking events. Bec’s own events are like nothing else I have been to. They are gorgeously styled, full of warmth and they don’t have any of that awful awkwardness you sometimes get in a room full of strangers. Here are Bec’s tips and tricks for making the most out of your next networking event!  [click to continue…]

Soul Sister Circle

Networking. The very word may strike fear into your heart! Fear-not, the beautiful Bec Van Leeuwen of Soul Sister Circle has turned the notion of ‘networking’ on its head by organising special, soulful and super-fun events for women entrepreneurs (if you’re in South East Queensland, Australia, you may have been lucky enough to attend one of them!).

As a holistic life coach, Bec has taken a very interesting journey developing the Soul Sister Circle brand including calling on numerology, leaning into vulnerability and trusting in the Law of Attraction. Amazingly, Bec managed to build a strong and grounded brand for Soul Sister Circle without a website for months – that takes guts and authenticity! Want more?  [click to continue…]