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A Day in the Life

a day in the life self employed

When I worked in an office my days looked scarily similar from week to week. Wake, slap on some make-up, drive to the station, get the train, walk to the office, sit at computer, race to the gym at lunch, eat at my desk, sit at computer, walk to the train, get the train, drive home, collapse on the couch, eat dinner, hit the shower, bed. Annnnnd repeat.

While I’m a routine fan, the above was exhausting, draining and seriously boring. When I started considering starting my own biz I became a bit obsessed with the routines of business-owners, entrepreneurs and creatives. So as a bona fide business owner I thought I’d add my own to the mix. Keep on reading for a sneak peek into a day in my life. [click to continue…]

Facebook post must haves

A short and snappy post for you today: 3 simple Facebook post inclusions which will promote further engagement on your Facebook page.

  1. An original, interesting image.

    Pretty self explanatory right? Try your best to use a unique, engaging and eye-catching image. Check out Death to the Stock Photo for images without the side of lame you usually get with stock photography (they have freebies for you!).

  2. Top notch spelling and grammar.

    Sure, social media tends to be a bit more casual, but that doesn’t mean you can forget all about good spelling and grammar. Take a few minutes to proofread your post before it goes live. Silly typos and mistakes can make you look unprofessional – especially if they’re happening on the regular.

  3. A call to action.

    What do you want your readers to take from your post? Do you want them to comment? Share? Click the link? Vote? Tell them what you want them to do!

Do you have a must-have to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!


Links I Love

links I love small business

So I had to go back through my archives to see when I last posted a link round-up – August last year, whoops!

Without further ado, here are five links that have tickled my fancy in the last week or so. [click to continue…]

blog post ideas for any blogger

If you’re a regular blogger you’ll know the pressure of the content creation wheel – it goes around, around and around no matter what. While I’m not an advocate of ‘forced’ blogging – where you blog just for the sake of it – I’m still a fan of a regular blown schedule, e.g. once a week. Unsurprisingly you’ll sometimes feel like you’re scraping the bottom of the idea bucket for blog post inspiration. This post is for those times: [click to continue…]

problem solving strategies

Whether you’re the boss babe, an employee or maybe even transitioning into self-employment, chances are you’re going to have a shit day at work at some stage. Even when we do what we love and get to call it a “job” we still have our not-so-flash days. The ones where we feel like giving up and crawling under the covers, never to surface again.

While this situation is inevitable, it’s also fleeting. “This to shall pass” is such an apt mantra for the shit-days. In addition, here are some simple strategies you can use to get those good vibes flowing again: [click to continue…]

true brand holistic brand

In no particular order, I present you with 5 great ways for you to get down to the essence of your brand. I’m not just talking about a logo, this is about your whole brand – visuals, voice, mission, audience and more.

Some of these activities will take time, some can be done today. And remember your brand is ever-evolving, it will change over time as you and your business do! [click to continue…]


Respecting your creativity

respecting your creativity

I had a completely different post slated to be published this week: 5 ways to hone in on your true brand (don’t worry, it will probably just be bumped to next week!). But, I wasn’t really feeling it.

Yes, it was on my editorial calendar for today. Yes, I even had a full outline of the post already drawn up. But when it came down to it, I just didn’t want to write it.

So instead I decided to tell you this story. To let you know that sometimes you just have to respect your ‘creativity’ (read: drive, intuition, energy etc).

If I had powered through I’m sure you would have read a reasonable post on branding here today. But it would probably have been lacking in some way. When you’re not 100% behind something it shows.

I want to give you permission to listen to yourself. Work with your own ebbs and flows and don’t try to push through. Your customers/clients/colleagues will know – it shows.

So if you can (I do realise that sometimes the show must go on regardless!), respect your creativity and work on the right things, at the right time.

katie smyth

repurpose content

Sometimes when you’re running a business online and you’ve decided to use content marketing (i.e. you’ve got a blog!) it seems like you’re constantly churning out content. Like you’re a mouse on her wheel. Round and round you go.

I know I feel this way sometimes.

Another common thought: once you’ve published and promoted your piece of content you’re done with it. It will just live on in your archives forever and maybe someone will stumble upon it after a lucky Google search a year from now.

Neither of these feelings are necessary though. You can jump off your content creation wheel and get people reading/viewing/listening to your existing content again. It’s all about repurposing.

Here are 7 ways you can jazz up your existing content to re-promote today: [click to continue…]

workday rut

We all have ‘em right? The days we feel like we’re getting nowhere with our business. The days wasted unproductively sitting at your desk. The days you spend on tasks that leave you feeling like a nap. The days full of procrastination.

Maybe you’re having one of those days right now.

Well, I’ve got 3 things you can do right now to turn your average day around – to make sure you’ve actually accomplished something! [click to continue…]

creativity rut tips

Are you over it? Your creativity rut that it is.

Has your well run dry? The ideas become scarce?

Perhaps your blog editorial calendar is empty? The new project you were oh-so-excited about has stagnated? You think your creativity, ingenuity and originality have simply packed up and left the building?

Yep, I’ve been there. We all have. Especially those of us whose creativity is an integral part of our job/career/business. Creativity is not endlessly available. Creativity can’t simply be tapped and poured like a frothy pale ale at your local on a Friday night. Creativity needs to be nurtured. Nourished. Cultivated. Looked after. And, especially, supported.

Your creativity-muscle can so easily be overworked. Sprained. Or even torn.

Sometimes your creativity rut is a symptom of burn-out. You must learn to recognise when ‘pushing through’ is going to do more bad than good. Long term creative-health should be put in front of short term creative output.

So how do you will that creativity well back up? Here’s 5 ideas for you: [click to continue…]